Raising the Roof!

One big job we have known about since day one is the roof, we bought the car with the C pillars chopped off at half their height and some questionable replacement C pillars included.

The complexity in measuring a C pillar that has been cut in a random plane in order to mate it to the body was far greater than we expected. It took us about a day to get a nice fit on the first C pillar and this was completed a couple of weeks ago now.

The photo below shows a trial fit of our glass, to say we were over the moon with the fit is an understatement!

So that was the easy side, today we attacked the much trickier side, mainly due to our supplied C pillar being in a questionable condition…

Some fabrication of a new bottom plate took place today, the rest will be repaired over Christmas week.

Cleaning up of the body revealed another hole, luckily only a small one this time, this was repaired today though.

Finally we had it fitting well, it had slipped in the picture as it is seemingly difficult to hold in place, I promise it is a good fit though!

As said, Brian will finish refurbishing the ‘new’ c pillar over Christmas week and we will hopefully weld it in place on NYE, we know how to have fun!


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