Raising the Roof #2

Before Christmas we started work on the roof, this continued on New Years Eve as planned…

So with the ‘easy’ side complete, next we had the near side to contend with, again the old C pillar had just been chopped off and we had been left with a ‘replacement’ pillar. We cut this to the length we thought we needed and were left with this:

As you can see, a lot of repair work was required. We continued on repairing the pillar using new metal and reusing some of the scrap from the other side to rebuild it. By the end of the day we had this:

Fast forward a week and this Saturday we spent an hour or so tidying it up. The finished piece:

Sunday we started early, and trial fitted the new part:

Fairly happy, the piece was welded in place. Both sides were then tidied up.

And there we have it, the roof is finally done! A bit of filler to smooth over the welds and we are ready for paint!

The final thing to do was check the fitment of the tailgate. Incredibly it fit impressively well!

As said the next step is paint, but this stage is an important moment for us. The car is finally taking shape into something more than it was before we got it. We have a roof and doors, something we didn’t have day one. Hopefully the good times continue, and we might even have an engine fitted by the end of the month!

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